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Steps to get Your new SMS deals on MTN network

Steps to get Your new SMS deals on MTN network

Hello guys everywhere in Nigeria and other places to inform that MTN have changed their old way of loading card,buy data, check account balance.

So in this article we will give you the steps to do so and Pls comment at the comment section so we can give you more information about it

The day MTN change their way off buy data and loading of Airtime it was very difficult for people to buy data or check their account balance.

Data plans

to buy data is *312# then u select the one you want to buy

Rechargin of Airtime

If you want to recharge your airtime you can still used *888# or *555# people aks about this but now you can recharge with this pin only *311# is the only pin for recharging

To Borrow Airtime/Data

To Borrow Airtime/Data the old pin was *606# while now the new way of borrowing of airtime and data is *303#

Data Balance

To check your data Balance the new pin is very nice and it good the new pin is *323#

Account Balance

The new pin of checking account balance is *310#

Share Data

People have been searching a way of sharing data in MTN but this one is nice just deal *321#


To deal the pin for vas is the simple one in this MTN new SMS deals just *305#


To Link your nin number to your new SMS is just *996#


Hope with this you can uesd your MTN Line, borrow load airtime,and buy data

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